Update on My Weightloss,Hair,Skin etc (pt 1)

Check out my Website for my jewelry line and hair line products and more www.blackonyxworld.com So Ive been gone awhile so I update you on my weightloss, hair routine, skin routine, stretch mark experiment and more..Enjoy! Song: Way you Whine- Hype D ft Dre T (My husband and his friend)

Update: Laser Peel, Bad/New Hair, Hair Tip, May Favorites & Contest Winners

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Authorities tentatively identify grandmother’s body (update)

Authorities tentatively identify grandmother’s body (update)
YERINGTON — Fueled by an addiction to heroin, a 22-year-old California man was likely motivated by money to strangle his 73-year-old grandmother in her Silver Springs home, then carry her blanket-bound body to a California back yard where he buried her in a flower bed, an official said Thursday.

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Bangin Body BootCamp Day 9 and Hair Update

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