The Whispers – In The Mood Official Video

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BarlowGirl – Sing Me a Love Song (Official Music Video HD) New 2010! Lyrics, Subtitulado, Tradução

Band: BarlowGirl Song. Sing Me a Love Song Option Subtitles: English Lyrics, Traducción/Traducido en Español (Subtítulos/Subtitulado en Catellano), Tradução/ Legendado (Legendas) em Português/ Brasileiro, Google Translator Album: Love & War (2009) Origin Elgin, Illinois, United States Genre(s) Christian rock, Contemporary Christian Music, Alternative rock, Rock music, Adult contemporary, Pop rock, ballad Years: active 2000 – present Label(s): Fervent Records Website Members Alyssa Barlow Becca Barlow Lauren Barlow BarlowGirl is an American Christian rockCCM band from Elgin, Illinois. The band is composed of sisters Alyssa Barlow (lead vocals, bass, keyboard), Becca Barlow (backing vocals, guitar), and Lauren Barlow (lead vocals, drums).The band has won several awards in their genre; their song “Never Alone” was the longest running #1 song in 2004 on Radio and Records Christian Hit Radio (CHR) and Christian Rock charts, and was the “Song of the Year” on both charts. BarlowGirl became the best selling new Christian artist of 2004. Their song “I Need You to Love Me” was released at the end of 2005. The single broke the record on Christian Radio & Retail Weekly’s (CRW) Christian CHR chart by holding the #1 spot for 13 consecutive weeks. BarlowGirl was the second most played artist CHR artist of 2005 behind Sanctus Real. It was the most played song on Christian Hit Radio in 2006. BarlowGirl was voted the January 2006 winner in Yahoo!’s Who’s Next after

Twista-Sunshine !!!!OFFICIAL VIDEOCLIP!!!!!


Camera Phone – The Game ft. Ne-Yo Official Version (Lyrics Included)

This is the official song off of The Game’s new album “LAX”. This is from the Bonus CD on the LAX Deluxe Edition. The beat to this song sounds a bit different from the leaked version but, as I previously stated, it is the version off of the album that I purchased. Here are the lyrics: [Ne-Yo] Mmmmm, ohh-whoa-ohhhhh Hey! [The Game] Picture me and my gangsta girl, ridin with the top back Bangin Ne-Yo, my neck frio, my Sox hat Tilted to the side, like you know I get my grind on Get my shine on, jewelry blacken on rhinestones Rims spinnin like a globe on these low pros Do it big cause I’m s’posed to floss and that’s the reason she break me off Cause I’m gangsta, and I’m ridin with [Ne-Yo] Ne-Yooooo, it’s a thug and a gentleman Rollin like a boss do, no matter the cost to Not tryin to brag but, money not a issue Don’t let your girl see us, that might make her diss you Cause if she roll with us, she won’t even miss you [The Game] Uh, uh, uh Pop rubber bands when I throw a stack before it hit the ground she throw it back When I make it rain that’s chump change that paid for the 26 on my Range Range, Range, drive, drive, take the wheel when I roll this lye Climb over to the passenger side and freeze [Chorus: Ne-Yo] And once again it’s on If she take a picture with a camera phone Then playa she not comin home And if I’m on her screen saver, that might mean later we gone If I let her take a picture, she will roll with me If I let her take a picture, she will roll with me If I let