Cash For Gold, a modern day gold seizure?

Since the inception of the Federal Reserve, the value of the dollar has plummeted and the national debt has skyrocketed. Most alarming of all though, is the fact that the corporation that is the Federal Reserve abolished the gold standard in 1933 effectively rendering the dollar worthless paper when it comes to real value. And, since the gold seizure, the American public hasn’t stood a chance at being able to repay that debt if it were to be called in. Even if this cash for gold push has nothing to do with that, it is still a scam and everyone should know a few things before they decide to trade their valuable jewelry for worthless cash. As the dollar continues to fall and the value of gold continues to skyrocket, one can’t help but wonder if cash for gold is just a modern day gold seizure.

Body Piercing Jewelry: Fashion From Ancient To Modern Age

There has been a special craze for jewelry in every age irrespective of gender, religion, age, culture and fashion. No matter how much traditional or modern a person is, choice of jewelry makes him or her create his own fashion statement.

There is no doubt that jewelry has fascinated every women and it is something that women can associate themselves completely. Today, the fashion conscious folks have developed a sharp inclination towards body jewelry. And the fact cannot be ignored that men are equally going crazy with the jewelry fashion as the women are. Body jewelry in particular is drawing significant attention of the youngsters and exotic jewelry has the ability to make heads turn around.

Body jewelry is worn as a latest trend and is quite popular among the youngsters. However, its origin and use can be traced back in the ancient time. According to the Bible, body piercing jewelry was popular some 2000 years ago. Earlier, body jewelry was considered to be a symbol of class and standard and in some places, a symbol of religious practice.

There are various reasons associated with wearing body jewelry depending on religion, culture and castes. In medieval age the jewelry was used to boast the status of the person who wore it. Interestingly, before some decades, they represented a rebellious hip culture and the hip youth. Today, in the modern era, body jewelry is a way of enhancing beauty and hence, is a popular fashion. There are many types of jewelry having origin from the ancient rituals and are still popular.

Nose piercing jewelry:

Wearing nose ring can be recorded as the first type of body piercing jewelry. It is a prevailing trend of fashion and tradition in countries like India and Middle East. Till date, it is popular among the young folks. Whereas, many popular pop-stars have been found piercing their nostrils to wear nose rings.

Ear piercing Jewelry:

It is the most common form of jewelry and famous among people of every religion and it is popular amongst both men and women from day immemorial. Though ear rings are used for decorative as well as cultural reasons, today, they have been alienated from their symbolic root and are being treated as any other piece of decorative item.

Tongue piercing jewelry:

Wearing tongue piercing jewelry was a ritual among tribal people of some specific geographic region. However, today they are common among sophisticated young generation. Interestingly, there are some celebrities who are making tongue piercing jewelry as their fashion statement.

Eyebrow piercing jewelry:

Though this kind of jewelry is famous since long, today they adorn the fashionable youths making them boast their chic outlook.

Other piercing jewelry:

Popularly know as belly piercing jewelry, naval piercing jewelry is popular among women. As naval is one among the seductive part of the body, the jewelry is meant, specifically, to raise an erotic feeling. Nipple piercing jewelry is current trends of jewelry fashion though in ancient times it was being used for enhancement of sexual stimulation.

Apart from the body piercing jewelry, there is non-piercing jewelry available these days. The looks of any non-piercing jewelry is similar to that of any piercing jewelry but the difference is, a person does not need to make a hole on his or her body to wear it. Basically, the jewelry is designed to stick to the body with a clip or, sometimes, with a special kind of magnet. Most people can not bear the pain of piercing through their body. And, there are even cases of allergies and infection after getting pierced to wear jewelry. Hence, the non-piercing jewelry is a perfect alternative. After all, fashion is for everyone.

Some studies explore that piercing body parts is totally safe and convenient way to adorn body with jewelry. Some people take consent of a doctor before choosing some extra-ordinary fashion in piercing body. However, if you are getting it done from an experienced body piercing professional, you are in the safe zone. So, it is time you can zoom in to your kind of fashion with exiting jewelry.

Bridal Jewelry – Tradition Vs. Modern

Bridal jewelry is the final touch that pulls the entire bridal look together with the bridal gown and hair. Selecting the bridal gown is the first and most important part, but the selection of the bridal jewelry is the icing on the cake. With bridal gown designers creating more varieties of dresses, the bridal jewelry industry must keep up. Many bridal gowns now have either pearl or swarovski crystal embellishments or a combination of both, leaving more options available for the selection of the bridal jewelry that will match.

Typically, in tradition, brides wore white or ivory pearls for their wedding day bridal jewelry. Whether the bride inherited the pearl bridal jewelry she wore on her wedding day or purchased new pearl bridal jewelry, pearls were what was traditionally worn for bridal jewelry. Many brides are still choosing to wear the traditional pearls for their bridal jewelry. Whether their mothers or grandmothers are passing down a family heirloom, or they are purchasing new pearl bridal jewelry, pearls are still a popular selection for many brides. Many bridal gowns available are embellished with pearls in the design of the bridal gown. For a lot of brides, selecting pearls not only matches their bridal gown perfectly, but still keeps the traditional pearl bridal jewelry theme.

The availability of bridal gowns with swarovski crystals is becoming extremely prevalent in bridal boutiques. Brides are searching for something new and different, and purchasing a bridal gown with swarovski crystals that sparkle and give that extra modern elegance is just what they are looking for. Due to this newer more modern trend of swarovski crystal embellished bridal gowns, the bridal jewelry industry is creating more and more swarovski crystal bridal jewelry to match. Incorporating swarovski crystals in your bridal jewelry selection is becoming easier to find and match to your bridal gown. The manufacturers of swarovski crystals are constantly making more color options available. So not only is it easier for brides to match their bridal jewelry to their bridal gowns, but finding matching bridal jewelry for their bridesmaids gowns is also easier. Because the swarovski crystal bridal jewelry is expanding, brides are making their bridal jewelry selections easier and with a lot less stress. Finding the perfect crystal bridal jewelry to match the embellishments and design of your bridal gown is more than important, it is what finishes off your bridal jewelry look.

For other brides, a combination of both pearls and crystals in their bridal jewelry is what they are looking for. Whether their bridal gowns include both pearls and crystals, or they just want the traditional bridal look mixed with the modern bridal jewelry look, a combination of pearls and crystals for bridal jewelry is one of the most popular selections among brides. Mixing tradition with modern elegance and sophistication in your bridal jewelry look is a great way to include your something old with a something new, per say. Because more and more bridal gowns are including both pearls and crystals, your bridal jewelry needs to match that look as well.

Whatever your bridal gown selection, choosing bridal jewelry that matches perfectly is important to finish off your bridal jewelry look. With more and more bridal jewelry designers and bridal jewelry boutiques and companies, it is becoming an easier task for brides to find that perfect bridal jewelry to match their bridal gowns. Make sure to find the perfect bridal jewelry to finish off your bridal jewelry look. Whether you are wanting traditional bridal jewelry or modern bridal jewelry or a combination of both, bridal jewelry stores and bridal jewelry designers have what you are looking for, exquisite bridal jewelry to match your gorgeous bridal gown.

Modern Style Statements – Body Jewelry Piercing

In modern days jewelry fashion is getting more popularity. Various metals are used in making of this jewelry. Piercing is also done in the some of the sensitive parts such as lips and tongue. For piercing different types of materials are used in protection and prevention of infections. Most of this jewelry is made of gold and silver metals. These jewelry is safe to wear and don’t have any allergic effect. There is body jewelry available in different designs, shapes and sizes. This jewelry is mostly used on the body part such as lip, nose, eyebrow, ear, tongue and on nipples.

Due to advance technologies a person can wear body jewelry anywhere on his body. Most of the celebrities around the world are using this jewelry as a modern fashion style. In developed cities there are large numbers of body piercing jewelry stores. This jewelry is also used by many people all over the world which is available in topaz and other gems. This jewelry is not available in 24k gold but soon it will be made available. They are also valuable with real diamonds which are the most expensive jewelry. Captive Bead Rings are one of the famous jewelry available in the stores all over the world. Captive bead rings have several varieties which include ball and socket rings. Eyebrow Ring is the other example of famous jewelry used as a new fashion.

Piercing is a painful activity which is done for the proper support to the jewelry wearing. There is piercing done in some stores at absolute cheap rates.