HEy Divas & Divos for real I love it when Bitched hate, come on who doesn’t like it. If you are up at 3 and 4 AM in the freaking mornign on Twitter, Tweeting about me to one of my good friends cause you feel a certain way about me then you are a hater, especially if you are speculating shit about me that you really dont even know. Like for instant this one Twitting ass hoe by the name of WindTunnel08 now who knows who she is where she is from what she does or etc etc but I know this she dont like me, and I find it hilarious simply cause I dont give a damn! Point blank I dont give a damn whether you like me or not that shit aint going to NEVER stop me from doing what I gotta do. So anyway Divas & Divos need I explain myself any further, the bitch don’t like me and yadda yadda yadda PLEASE TELL ME WHY WindTunnel08 Closed her Twitter account LOL now she is running!