Shira aka Sugarfreetv tagged me soooo here ya go! Shira’s Channel: Nick’s Channel: Questions: What can you not leave the house without? Favorite brand of makeup? Favorite flower? Favorite clothing store? Favorite perfume? heels or flats? What were your grades like in school? Do you drink energy drinks? Do you like swimming? Do you like juice? Do you eat french fries with a fork? Fav moisturizer? Will you get married or are you? Do you get mad easy? Are you into ghost hunting? Any phobias? Do you bite your nails? Have you ever had a near death experience? Do you drink coffee? Do you like bums? Describe an animal that resembles your soulmate. Last concert attended? Next concert attending a Random thing on your desk Favorite movies Book you’re currently reading Favorite lipsticks Favorite piece of art in room Favorite jewelry Favorite youtube channels Favorite youtube videos favorite youtube channels: sugarfreetv, soundlyawake, communitychannel, petrilude, xsparkage, criscrocker fav movies: