TRUE Classic – Jay-Z ft Too Short’s A Week Ago

From one of the biggest selling hip hop albums of alltime Vol 2:Hard Knock Life

John Farr: Classic “Under the Radar” Gangster Movies

John Farr: Classic “Under the Radar” Gangster Movies
Crime has not just been good to the criminals; it’s been awfully good to Hollywood as well.

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The Classic Elegance of Tiffany & Co. Style Jewelry

Although customized jewelry is easy enough to buy these days, there is simply something very special about owning your own piece of designer jewelry. Designer jewelry brings with it a legacy and a history all its own; when you own a piece of designer jewelry, it is like owning a piece of fashion history, and everything else that goes along with it. A case in point is Tiffany jewelry. Despite having been in business for more than 100 years, Tiffany jewelry is still in extremely high demand all over the world. The price may not always be reasonable, but the cache of owning a piece of Tiffany can make it well worth while for some. has many designer jewelry lines for all kinds of jewelry. Of Course, they all have the different styles.Diamonds by the Yard Tiffany jewelry is an elegant yet minimalist designer jewelry line well known for its sophistication and simplicity.

Tiffany jewelry has been in demand since 1845, when Tiffany and Co. first opened their doors as a trading house. Although the company originally specialized in silver goods and gift items, their silver jewelry designs are what earned them fame all over the world.

The reason has maintained its hold on the jewelry market for so long is simple – quality. It should come as no surprise that Tiffany jewelry is the most copied and replicated pieces of jewelry in the world; everyone wants a piece of Tiffany jewelry, even if getting one means settling for a fake, knock off version. You will find them in magazines, movies and even highlighted in engagement picture poses. Most jewelry designers aspire to be as associate with style and quality as Tiffany, and so many of the replicas of Tiffany jewelry that are out there are of very high quality – these designs gives non-Tiffany designers a chance to try their hand at the best.

Tiffany jewelry designs are available through authorized Tiffany mall online, Tiffany retailers and official boutiques. Individuals interested in purchasing Diamonds by the Yard Tiffany jewelry can visit a boutique or shop online at the official website, where a store locator can also help interested buyers locate an authorized retailer in their area. Because these designs are very simple they can be easily imitated, and buyers should be cautious about deals that seem too good to be true or offers from unverifiable merchants.

The high availability of knock offs can however make purchasing the real thing tough on some consumers. Because Tiffany fakes are so easy to find, it is also easy for people to get conned into buying what they think are Tiffany pieces that are really knock offs. There are a few ways to avoid Tiffany jewelry scams. For one, you can choose to buy only from Tiffany themselves.

You can also check the jewelry you are buying for the telltale Tiffany engraved emblem. You can also have your jewelry appraised by an expert. Any jewelry appraiser worth his salt will be able to spot a Tiffany fake a mile away. These tricks will help you stay ahead of the curve when purchasing Tiffany jewelry.

This prestigious jewelry line is designed by the renowned Elsa Peretti, an Italian jewelry designer who first joined the Tiffany cadre in 1974. For more than 30 years, she has been designing exquisite pieces, including Tiffany necklaces, Tiffany earrings, Tiffany bracelets, Tiffany rings, Tiffany pendants,and more. As a former model and a designer for other luxury companies such as Oscar De La Renta and Halston, Peretti uses her innate sense of style and elegance to create stunning jewelry infused with her belief that simple style can be the most outstanding. That celebration of the simple things in life is also the inspiration behind her Diamonds by the Yard jewelry line available at Tiffany & Co.

If you don’t have a Tiffany budget, look for good quality replicas in high end stores like Saks and Neiman Marcus. These replicas can be so good, only you will know they are not the real thing.

Grace Kelly’s classic style comes alive in London

Grace Kelly’s classic style comes alive in London
You’d better hurry if you want to see the hats, shoes, dresses and immaculate gloves that were an essential element of the style which made Grace Kelly a fashion beacon for millions of women around the world.

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