How to Use Bead Cones

Have taken many question on how to use bead cones. Though there are many uses for bead cones, I will demonstrate how to incorporate them into a multi-stranded necklace. It’s easy and an attractive way to hide you multiple crimped ends of a necklace or a bracelet!

Bead Basics: How to make an ‘S’ Hook Clasp We’ve had a few email requests on how to make an ‘S’ Hook Clasp so this video shows how easy it is and how it can be used.

Learn to Use the Bead Spinner (Bead Loader)

Are we ready to spin out of control? Not really, it is a controlled spin. Join me while I show you how to use the Spin-N-Bead Bead Loader to create a long lariat necklace out of seed beads.

Big Business for Small Bead Boutique

Big Business for Small Bead Boutique
A new poll found that roughly 80 percent of Americans think the economy is still in the tank. But a smaller percentage says they’re doing okay. What’s their secret? FOX 4’s Melissa Cutler talked to a mother and daughter who own a bead and jewelry boutique.

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