Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from BARKBARK and more videos in the General Personal Finance category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at www.howcast.com or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at www.howcast.com Check out these relatively painless ways to cut back on your expenses. To complete this How-To you will need: Self-discipline Sacrifice Open-mindedness Step 1: Ditch the paper Stop buying unnecessary paper products. Use cloth napkins, mop up spills with dishcloths and rags, write shopping lists on the back of junk-mail envelopes, (and stick your coupons inside). Step 2: Give up bottled water Give up bottled water; almost 40 percent of it comes out of the tap anyway. If you don’t like the taste of your local water, use a filter. Step 3: Buy less food Buy less food. The average American throws out 25 percent of the food they buy. Start monitoring what you’re trashing so you can make better choices when you shop, and make an effort to eat food before it goes bad. Step 4: Cut the phone line Get rid of your home phone if you have a cell phone. Step 5: Cancel your gym membership Cancel your gym membership. Jogging, stair-climbing, jump-roping, hula-hooping, and dancing are all free, and that’s just a partial list of what you can do to stay fit. Tip: Canned goods and old milk jugs or detergent bottles filled with water all make