No copyright infringement intended. I do not own any of this material. ***************************************************************************** Spit In Your Face Lyrics [Lil Wayne] Straight off the back I come straight off my back With a gun like I’m in Iraq And in fact I attack and tackle, and sack and crack and crackle And snap back and battle my own shadow Cause yall wack and all that Bullsh!t ya talkin startin to get funky Toss me the chunky, Ima bull these monkeys. Sir I’m from the block where u don’t pass like a flunky We make a bitch a mule and everybody act a donkey Yes, I want you to come around here with that plan boy I’ll shoot this mutherf**ker til I burn my hand boy Bust up in the court and shoot the witness on the stand boy This is my game ask everybody in the stands boy I’m all red I’m on fire like an ant pile They put the clamp down if I put the stamp down You get the stampede, I make blood bleed You suck dick, I succeed Yeah, yeah And this is how victory tastes So I’ma spit in ya face! Kevin! [Kevin Rudolf] Singing ay yo whoa ow (ohh) Ay yo whoa Ay yo whoa ow (So I’ma spit in your face) Singing ay yo whoa ow (ohh) Ay yo whoa Ay yo whoa ow (So I’ma spit in your face) [Lil Wayne] If this is a race I ain’t goin’ for no pace I am goin’ for your place While ya home, why you gon F**k with me if I ain’t f**kin’ around two eyes to the sky, 10 toes touchin the ground Bitch nigga I am not your homeboy We are not from the same home boy My Nina Baker bring your