I have included some memorable interview clips with Dame Elizabeth Taylor as a guest from the period of circa 1986 through 2006. Please enjoy this series of short interviews as Elizabeth searches her soul and touches upon her personal history, her self image and self esteem, her loved ones and family and always AIDS. She reviews her own personal timeline regarding her battles with AIDS Fundraising and making certain that important people listened. There is a shy quality that we see, far from the zealous characters she has portrayed onscreen. Elizabeth Taylor talks openly and honestly in detailing some of the difficulties that she has survived in life. She is a true survivor in every sense of the word. Upon watching these clips myself, I fell in love with her all over again. She definitely leaves her ego at the front door as she approaches some deep subject matter all in an effort to allow us to know and understand the real Elizabeth Taylor, and not the Elizabeth Taylor we read about in the tabloids. Her honest is refreshing and it suits her so well. Again, enjoy the upcoming, “A Few Words” clips. She emphasizes these short clips of her weight, how she worked on changing her interior and then her exterior. She appears very strong and confident when talking about her early years MGM and how they wanted to change her appearance. She admits to being a professional chocoholic. In viewing these short film clips, please donate to the cause that has become Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s