I should admit that, this piece of music can be the most valuable jewelry among the toppest Classical Persian Music as you might agree. To my knowledge, with listening to this song we would hear and feel the energetic voice of IRAJ ایرج together with the violin of Yahaghi پرویز یاحقی so profoundly. “Golhaye Taze No. 8” was accomplished during the Spring of year 1972 for the Iranian National Radio. In this EXCELLENT concert: Parviz Yahaghi پرویز یاحقی and Farhang Sharif فرهنگ شریف have done an outstanding perfomance as well. Parviz Yahaghi (پرویز یاحقی) was a distinguished Iranian composer and violinist. He was born in Tehran in 1936 and died in Tehran in 2007. His birth name was “Parviz Sedighi Parsi”. His ability in playing violin, his compositions, and his musical director’s role made him a central figure in Persian music during his lifetime. In the 1960s and 1970s he composed hundreds of pieces both for violin and for celebrated singers in Iran such as Banan, Marzie, Delkash, Pouran, Elahe, Homeyra, Mahasti, Dariush Rafei, Siavosh (Shajarian), Golpayegani, and Iraj. His creative style of playing has influenced almost all Iranian violinists of his time. Yahaghi’s violin is tuned in a way that gives more resonances and drones to the sound, compared to standard European tuning, and he uses a number of different tuning schemes. en.wikipedia.org در سبک پرویز یاحقی با افزایش شگرف تکنیک و گوناگونی در استفاده از آنها فراوان برخورد می کنیم: ویبر، مالش و گلیساندوهای گوشنواز و