Demonstration of making a turquoise and silver bracelet by Navajo silversmith, Steve Yellowhorse. More photos at To order the 53 minute video go to Here are the steps demonstrated in the DVD. The YouTube version skips some: Chapters of the DVD 1. Introduction 2. Family History 3. Inspiration for Design 4. Selecting the Turquoise 5. Designing the Bracelet 6. Selecting the Silver 7. Bending the Wire 8. Soldering the Basic Shape 9. Grinding Silver 10. Shaping the Bracelet 11. Bezeling the Stone 12. Back Plate 13. Soldering the Bezel 14. Sawing 15. Grinding the Edges 16. Soldering Bezel on Bracelet 17. Making the Leaves 18. Copyright 19. Soldering the Leaves 20. Buffing 21. Setting the Stone 22. Final Shine 23. Credits