Check out Liza’s page for info on the prizes and instructions on her giveaway. Good luck! I hope some of my subbies win 😀 If you have any question regarding Liza’s giveaway, feel free to message her =) Here’s her youtube channel: Forever 21 Items Mentioned (not in any particular order til I have time to rearrange =p): Love Connector Ring( CLEAR/SILVER,ML) $3.80 Shell Top Ring( DARK GREY/PURPLE,8) $5.80 Key Charms Necklace( CREAM/GOLD,ALL) $5.80 High Fashion Bracelets( SILVER,ALL) $4.80 Jewel Trimmed Shades Necklace( SILVER/BLACK,ALL) $5.80 *I don’t think this one is available online anymore either =/ Here’s a similar style: Satin Skinny Headband Set( BLACK/BLACK,ALL) $1.50 Triple Buttoned Crochet Belt( BLACK/BLACK,SM) $4.50 Mesh Bow Ring( SILVER,8 ) $3.80 Can’t find this one either…here’s a really bow ring that I’ve seen someone wear =] Double Rhinestone Rings( CLEAR/SILVER,8) $4.80 Looped Rhinestone Necklace( CLEAR/GOLD,ALL) $4.80 Fab Glitter Cheetah Wallet( PINK,ALL) $7.50 Polka Dot Mannequin Jewelry Stand( BLACK/WHITE,ALL ) $8.80 Polished Stud Trim Headband( BLACK/GOLD,ALL) $3.80 Antique Braided Belt( BROWN,SM/MED) $4.80 I don’t this one is available anymore Xo Peak Striped Dress( HEATHER GREY/BLACK,Small) $13.50 www