Madonna – Evita – 09 Peron’s Latest Flame (1996) [Che:] At the watering holes of the well-to-do I detect a resistance to [Aristocrats:] Precisely [Che:] Our heroine’s style [Aristocrats:] We’re glad you noticed [Che:] The shooting sticks of the upper-class [Aristocrats:] Give her an inch [Che:] Aren’t supporting a single ass That would rise for the girl [Aristocrats:] She’ll take a mile [Aristocrats:] Such a shame she wandered into our enclosure How unfortunate this person has forced us to be blunt No we wouldn’t mind seeing her at Harrod’s But behind the jewelry counter, not in front [Che:] Could there be in our fighting corps A lack of enthusiasm for [Army:] Exactly [Che:] Peron’s latest flame [Army:] You said it brother [Che:] Should you wish to cause great distress In the tidiest officer’s mess Just mention her name [Army:] That isn’t funny Peron is a fool, breaking every taboo Installing a girl in the army HQ And she’s an actress, the last straw Her only good parts are between her thighs She should stare at the ceiling, not reach for the skies Or she could be his last whore The evidence suggests She has other interests If it’s her who’s using him He’s exceptionally dim Bitch! Dangerous Jade [Aristocrats:] We have allowed ourselves to slip We have completely lost our grip We have declined to an all-time low Tarts have become the set to know [Eva:] I am only a radio star with just one weekly show But speaking as one of the people I want you to know We are tired of the