At Madhos house, Monghi keeps all the utensils & the furniture outside the house. On asking, Khemi informs Hiten that as Madho will have to work at home for assorting the diamonds, there will be various machines which will be kept in the house & so they are making space for it. At Dharamraajs house, Santu is making a purse for Meghna. Dharamraaj asks her to get turmeric milk for him & he goes off to sleep. When Santu returns with turmeric milk, she notices that Dharamraaj is sleeping on the purse which she was making for Meghna. She opens the windows of the room & tries to take the purse which is lying beneath Dharamraajs arm. In this process, her necklace is stuck in Dharamraajs shirt. She tries to remove it & in that process, Dharamraaj wakes up. He is astonished to see Santu & himself in such a state & removes her necklace. He warns her never to open the windows of his room as the breeze from the open window can extinguish the diya beneath Subhadras frame. The next day, Meghna & Rasik are about to leave & Meghna comes to meet Santu before leaving. She gifts Santu a frame with a picture of Dharamraaj holding Santus hand. Meghna tells Santu that she found a good friend in Santu. Dharamraaj also comes there looking for Meghna & Meghna thanks Dharamraaj for returning Subhadra in Santus form. She feels that Subhadra would now be relieved as Santu is in her place to take good care of her family. Before leaving, Meghna & Rasik meet everybody & Meghna says that she is very