As Santu is about to leave, she asks Dharamraaj to forgive her for her mistakes. Dharamraaj tells her to take along the jewelry which Meghna gifted her. Dharamraaj gets a call from Saumilbhai who informs him about an urgent meeting he called upon in Surat. Dharamraaj reaches Surat with Pinakin to attend the meeting. In the meeting, Saumilbhai informs Dharamraaj that the contract for the 7 nations has gone to Avinash Chaudhary. He asks Dharamraaj to give his few labours to Avinash as there is a shortage of labor in Surat. Dharamraaj refuses to give his labor as they are busy in making samples to be sent to other nations apart from those 7 nations. Dharamraaj informs that Madho along with other labors is busy in preparing that sample. Kadambari is searching Sandeeps picture in her room & Baa comes there. In the presence of Baa, Kadambari gets a call from Sandeep & she goes out of the room to talk to him. Santu overhears Kadambari & Santus conversation. On asking, Kadambari gives an excuse to Santu saying that a common friend of Maulik had called up. On their way to Dharampur, Dharamraaj informs Pinakin that this contract is of utmost importance to them. He tells him to meet Madho & inform him about the importance of this contract & to start working on it soon. Pinakin meets Madho & informs him about the contract. He tells him that if they do not get the contract then there can be a condition where the factory can even shutdown. He also suggests him to be cautious as Virat