Khemi is applying mehendi on Santus hands & there are guests from the village. Madho is tensed as he is unable to give much jewelry or any gifts to Santu for her marriage. Santu pacifies him & tells him that she has got a lot from all of them. Innumerable memories she has which she will take along as her gifts. Seeing everybody preparing for marriage, Monghi also wishes to work. She asks the ladies present there for work. A lady tells Monghi to practice a ritual of keeping 3 pots on her head which she will have to perform to welcome the groom. Wedding rituals are being performed in the house. Women are applying haldi (turmeric) to Santu. Madho gets nostalgic & remembers the day of holi when Santu had colored Madhos face & he looked like a monkey. He remembers that he had decided to make Santu look like a monkey when she would get married while performing the ritual of haldi. He goes to Santu & puts haldi on her face & Santu remembers the same day of Holi. She asks Madho whether she is looking like a monkey; Madho says that she is looking beautiful like an angel. Dharamraaj is tensed about the consignment as only a night is left & till now they havent achieved the desired quantity. He gets a call from Virat stating that he has completed the consignment & wishes him luck on behalf of Dharamraajs sister in law also, who is Virats wife. Pinakin informs Dharamraaj that none of the workers would be working that night in the factory as they all are going to attend Madhos