Ladies you MUST MUST MUST Check out!! I watch them allllll the time. (kokolaroo) She is so gorgeous, classy, way intelligent, eloquent, quirky and hilarious all in one! Elaine! Gorrrgeous! She’s a former Beauty Pageant Contender (omg she was next to Brooke Burke once even!!) Marinda (thebarbiewithmuscle) sooo funny, intelligent, friggin toned in shape omg!, and gorgeous! Milly (finnezze) gorgeous Chica! Has great hauls and tutorials! Sweet as pie! Katie (KatiePuckrikSmells) OMG if you want to see a wonderful witty, smart, and hilarious perfume critic, you HAVE to check her out!! Lorrain’e Blog (For JEWELRY) Ebay Seller where I got an extra Nars Sheer Glow. It is legit. I have one I purchased from Sephora and it is exactttamudo. This is the tester, which is why it comes w/ the pump. Nars rep stated they don’t give our foundations pumps yet because the ones w/ testers are easily clogged and they haven’t perfected a pump to go w/ their foundations. Today I’m wearing: Nars Sheer glow in Santa Fe Mixed with MAC Studio Select Foundation (trying to use up the mac one lol) Eyes: MAC Paintpot in Greenstroke with Club on top smoked out and Cloudburst in V just to deepen out. Lips: Jemma Kidd English Rose with Brown lipliner(disc. so whichever brownyt mauve lip liner will do) and Lorac Vivd Gloss atop Cheeks: Illamasqua Dixie with MAC Hand Finish lightly on