Tarulataben doubts on Santu for stealing a gold earring. She blames Santu & asks her where she has hidden it. Santu tells her that she has returned all the jewelry & has no clue about the missing earring. Tarulataben does not believe her, she believes that Santu must have stolen & hidden them in some secret place. Taulataben looks for the earring everywhere in the room but does not find it. She feels that Santu must have hidden it in her clothes & tells Champakali to remove Santus clothes. Santu begs her for not doing so as she is innocent. But Tarulataben remains adamant. Champakali removes all the clothes of Santu & Santu cries in shame; but the earring is not found. Tarulataben warns Santu that if the earring is not found, the effects on Santu would be more severe. Tarulataben informs Dharamraaj about the lost earring. Dharamraaj tells her that it is her responsibility to take care of Subhadras jewelry so she should find it nay how. Tarulataben comes to know that before reaching home, Dharamraaj & Santu went to Madhos house. She goes at Madhos house midnight to search the lost earring. One of the servants finds the earring lying on the ground. Tarulataben blames Santu for stealing it & hiding it at Madhos house. On asking, Santu tells Dharamraaj that she did not steal it. Madho also tells Dharamraaj that he has been working since past 31 years in his factory & never till date has even a single diamond misplaced. The servant informs Dharamraaj that he found the earring