Tarulaben thinks to give Subhadras clothes & jewelry to Santu which she can wear for the award ceremony so that seeing her in Subhadras clothes, everybody hates her even more. Kadambari sees Tarulaben taking her mothers clothes for Santu & fells upset. She calls up Hiten who is at Surekhas place & informs him about this. Kadambari is very upset at this & wishes to leave home. Hitens frustration aggravates. Virat Sanghvi increases Hitens annoyance by adding fuel to the fire. Jagmohan also does the work of adding fuel by informing Hiten about his fathers cruel acts against Virat & abuses Dharamraaj. Hiten gets irate & slaps Jagmohan for abusing & interfering in their personal matter. Tarulaben informs Baa about giving Subhadras clothes to Santu for the award ceremony. She says that Santu will have to dress up as the award ceremony is grand & that will affect Mahiyavanshi familys respect. Tarulaben gives the clothes to Champakali to give it to Santu. Champakali notices the jewelry hidden in the clothes but Tarulaben warns her for not revealing it to anybody. Champakali gives the clothes to Santu. Santu is nervous as she has never seen such clothes or been to such parties. Babuji explains Santu about such parties & the way she should behave. He tells her to be confident & not get scared of anyone. Dharamraaj is getting ready for the award ceremony. In Virats house, Virat assumes that Hiten would not attend the ceremony as his father would also be present there. But to his