Royal Jewel’s of Norway are a collection all the way back from Empress Josephine Charlott who was married to Napoleon Bonaparte.The Main jewelery was from Queen Maud that she took with her from England when she become Queen in 1905.The 4 largest masterpieces are only jused by the King consort or the Queen or the person who is first lady of Norway. The rest of the Tiara’s are jused by female members of the Royal Family. The king own the Jewelry and it is in his private ownership not like in Denmark or Sweden or other european countries where the State owned the Jewelry because of Tax. The Norwegian Jewely have all a uniqie history from Empress Josephine Charlott to last Empress of Mexico from Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra and up to the Queen Sonja today. The jewelery who belong to the King goes back to the King after a life time on some heads of a princess. They get some royal jewelery when they are 18 years old and they have them the whole life untill they die and it go back to the King for the next Generation. It is however Jewelry that has not been jused for the last 50-60 years this jewelry is saved for special accasions or given to someone in the future like a new Queen or a Crownprincess.Like the Oslofjord Tira who had not been jused more then 2 times at the end of the 1960’s or the Pedcot Tiara who have not been jused for centuries.Or the magnificent Pearl and Diamond Necklace that Queen Maud jused during her coronation with King Haakon in 1906 has not been