Santu, Khemi & Monghi are very upset that Madho (nanaji) sold Manjari (cow) for money. On asking, Madho tells them about the loan amount to be repaid to Dharamraaj for which he sold off Manjari as he had no other option. Khemi takes her jewelry & gives it to Madho to sell it off to repay his debt. Madho denies as that jewelry is given to them by their mother. Santu & Khemi explain him that they have already lost Manjari (cow) & this is the only way they can save their house from being sold. Madho becomes helpless & cries out of plight. Santu is trying to sleep with tears in his eyes & realizes that Monghi is missing. They all search for her & are astonished to see her sleeping outside where Manjari used to sleep with her bell in her hand. In Dharamraajs factory, Jagmohan, the union leader tells the factory workers thay they should have asked Dharamraaj for being just with Madho. Dharamraaj enters the same room where Jagmohan is talking to workers about Madho. Jagmohan tells Dharamraaj that it was unjust on his part to fire Madho. Dharamraaj gets irate & tells him to pay a fine of the money wasted due to wasting the time of his workers gathered there. In the morning, Santu, Khemi & Mongi are busy in their daily chores & Santu keeps water & food for Majari out of habit. Later she realizes that now Manjari does not stay with them. Madho & Khemi notice this & they get nostalgic. Madho is eagerly waiting for someone. No sooner that he sees the sunaar (jeweler) coming towards