Legacy in the Industry Bora Bora Jewelry is proud of its long history in the Chinese freshwater pearl industry. As pearl farm owners, Bora Bora’s founders began their foray into freshwater pearls in China in the year of 1979, when processing technology was, at best, rudimentary. In 1992, after the Chinese freshwater pearl industry was deregulated, more growth, more competition, and lower prices followed. In less than 30 years, the freshwater pearl industry had matured tremendously; it had certainly come a long way since BoraBora’s owner first dove for pearls at his father’s farm at the tender age of 12. Reputation for Innovation Because freshwater pearls enjoy higher production than their South Sea counterparts, and the quality (and color) of freshwater pearls is more variable, Bora Bora began thinking outside of the traditional pearl box. After first developing an innovative low-temperature bleaching process for freshwater pearls, the company created a pearl color-enhancement method that would result in a spectrum of color choices for the jewelry industry. Cutting Edge Technology In the ensuing years, Bora Bora’s principals worked hard to develop a technology to create a more color-stable dyeing process, and in the early 2000’s the hard work bore fruit. Bora Bora became known as the leader in pearl dyeing technology, and as a result sought to expand its horizons by marrying enhanced colored pearls with sterling silver and natural gemstones into an affordable, yet