3 Teens Charged With Burglary On Homestead Circle

3 Teens Charged With Burglary On Homestead Circle
Three former residents of Homestead Circle who returned July 23 to get items they left behind when they moved out two months ago stole two pieces of jewelry belonging to the homeowner, according to the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office.

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How to Care For Your Celtic Jewelry Pieces

It is no question that Celtic jewelry pieces have long stood the test of time in terms of beauty and craftsmanship. It has become the most popular choice among men and women who are looking to give their special someone something to show them how important they are. Considering the amount of hard work and the deep meaning associated with this, it is only right that Celtic jewelry pieces are given just the right kind of care to make sure that it lasts forever. Here are some tips on how to care for your Celtic jewelry pieces.

Get a Good Cleaning Solvent

Do not just use any metal cleaning solvent to clean your Celtic jewelry piece. Most Celtic jewelry pieces are crafted in silver. Although this may not be as precious when compared to gold or platinum, it is more prone to discoloration. Water and moisture are the primary culprits for this. The chemicals that make up silver, when it comes into contact with water and moisture, cause it to become cloudy and eventually blacken. For something as priceless as a Celtic jewelry piece, it does not hurt to invest a few dollars to get a cleaning solvent that is specially designed to clean silver jewelry. Just make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and pay attention to the warning labels. This is because these cleaning solvents are also made out of chemicals which are specially designed to remove the dirt and grime that had collected onto the Celtic jewelry piece.

Clean Celtic Jewelry Pieces before Storage

Just because there is no apparent dirt or discoloration on your Celtic jewelry piece that is visible, it does not mean that you should not clean these on a regular basis. Make sure at the end of the day before you keep your Celtic jewelry pieces that you clean these first. This is because as we use the Celtic jewelry pieces throughout the day, it is exposed to moisture from the air as well as from our skin. This does not mean that you would need to use your cleaning solvent all the time. In fact, this is highly discouraged because the chemicals in the solvent strips away minute layers of the silver that has been corroded. Most jewelry stores do sell cloths that have been treated with this same chemical which you can use on your Celtic jewelry piece on a regular basis.

Properly Store Your Celtic Jewelry Pieces

By this, we mean to say to make sure that the jewelry case where you store your Celtic jewelry piece is properly lined to minimize the chances of your Celtic jewelry piece to be scratched, especially for large pieces such as pendants and bracelets. It would also minimize the chances for your Celtic jewelry pieces to become deformed and warped.

Schedule an Appointment with your Local Jeweler

With the amount you will be spending on your Celtic jewelry piece, it is just but right to let the local jeweler where you purchased this to do a complete clean up on your favorite jewelry piece. Doing this once or twice a year would be greatly beneficial. Most, if not all, local jewelry store include a lifetime cleaning service and even warranty for your Celtic jewelry. This means that you will not only be able to have your Celtic jewelry piece spotlessly clean. Any scratches or deformities that have appeared on your Celtic jewelry can be remedied and fixed, making your Celtic jewelry piece look good as new.