Vybez Kartel feat. Gaza Indu Mi Luv Yuh Bad January 2k10 My girl from di fuss day mi see yuh Mi a tell yuh seh mi owe yuh Mi have something fi yuh Mek mi bring yuh pon di Gaza Mi wah gi yuh Blackberry, Palm tree-oh Similar to down a Rio Cah Yuh nuh skettel Da hairstyle deh sell A nuh 30 dollar gel Nuh Jezebel Aw, yuh nuh haffi tell Teacha ring yuh bell Look deh, mi skin a swell Please and thanks mi baby Mi asking yuh kindly For a moment of yuh time right beside me If yuh nuh believe me, if him inna love Yuh a go di wrong way So it nah tek yuh nothin fi avoid me But mi see it from yuh stop seh yuh like me Mi have di street vybz rum yuh have di winery See di somethin yah weh taller dan di Nike Skin to skin, nuh pijama to nighty Mek mi comb it Mi don’t care if yuh jus know mi From mi look inna yuh eye mi see yuh lonely Yuh face tell mi yuh love life story Yuh man nah gwaan good but yuh wont leave Mi a hide an bring it go gi di teacha Fi kick it inna high rev an inna slow speed Mi a yuh oxygen, cause yuh muss breathe She seh Yuh a di teacha, mi wah yuh come teach mi Ready right now which part yuh wah bring me When skool start, she bound fi come early Misbehave, di teacha beat she She seh Kartel mi love yuh bad She seh Kartel mi love yuh bad She seh Kartel mi love yuh bad She seh Kartel mi love yuh bad Mi carry yuh, inna di, jewelry store Fi some emeralds weh perfect Anything yuh wah di teacha purchase Da diamond chain deh fi go roun your neck Mi wah yuh pop champagne inna di