Due to the growing popularity of Irish jewelry pieces today, there are now a number of jewelry stores in local shopping malls and over the Internet that offer authentic Irish jewelry pieces as well as fashion jewelry pieces that are inspired by Irish jewelry designs. Although both kinds of Irish jewelry pieces are beautiful and mystifying, some would prefer getting authentic pieces of jewelry for those extremely special occasions. Here are a few tips to help you make looking for authentic Irish jewelry pieces a lot easier.

Do some research

Irish jewelry pieces are distinct because these pieces of jewelry are crafted and designed using only a number of different symbols. This is because these symbols are meant to provide these pieces of jewelry a deeper meaning. There are five distinct symbols that are commonly used in all types of Irish jewelry. These are the Celtic cross, spiral designs, rope designs and the chevron which is a spiral design that resembles that of a heart. There are a number of websites that provide information regarding these symbols as well as sample pictures so that you would know how these

Irish jewelry designs would look like.

Online stores

Naturally, the best place that for you to get authentic Irish jewelry pieces is in the different jewelry shops located in Ireland. But if you are not planning on going there anytime soon, you can still get authentic Irish jewelry pieces over the Internet. Most of the popular jewelry shops in Ireland and other parts of Europe that have been known to sell authentic Irish jewelry pieces do have their own websites. So wherever you are in the world, you would be able to purchase them right in the comfort of your own home.

Read through reviews

If you are looking to get your Irish jewelry pieces online, make sure that you check the reviews that have been made by critiques from their products and their different policies when it comes to returning the product, exchanging the product purchased and shipping policies. Since many of the websites that offer authentic pieces of Irish jewelry represent stores that are from other parts of the world, these are very important to look into. This is because there might be various charges and customs regulations involved.


Just as furniture or appliances, buying Irish jewelry pieces does require you shell out a large sum of money. On top of the fact that these would need to first be shipped to you from another state or another country, there is always the possibility that improper handling may damage your Irish jewelry piece. In fact, the more delicate the design of your Irish jewelry piece, the higher the chances for this to become deformed or warped as a result of shipping and handling. It is important that you first familiarize yourself on the warranties that the jewelry store offers when purchasing this over the Internet. While shipping and handling need not to be a concern when buying this in your local shopping mall, it is nevertheless important to first ask about what are the kinds of warranties available when you purchase your Irish jewelry piece. Some of these may include cleaning services and repair services.