written and produced by jilladdison.com The concept of a Cocoon is something I’ve always been drawn to. It captures something about me and about my fused glass jewelry. Suzanne When I’m creating these small pieces of art, I am totally present in what I’m doing, it’s very meditative. And just like a cocoon provides a place for a caterpillar to seclude itself so it can emerge in a new form, my workshop gives me a place where I’m fully able to release and express my creative energy. It’s sort of like my sanctuary. Suzanne: The glass goes through its own transformation during the fusing process, as well. It changes from separate layers of rigid, sharp glass into a single, smooth piece without hard edges. Suzanne: I love the whole process of creating my fused glass jewelry and accessories, so I wanted to invite you into my workshop to see it for yourself. Suzanne: (unscripted) 1.Cutting Glass—Show different forms glass comes in and name them (spaghetti, fettucini, etc). Talk about these things: • Play with colors, thin lines • Mention 3 collections: Serenity (sophisticated, polished), Peace and love (playful, chic) Harmony (characterized by vertical or horizontal lines with colors next to each other, Contemporary Stylish). • Color: like vibrant, punched up color and contrasts 2.Clean the glass—eliminate dust, debris and any oils from fingers 3.Lay it up—talk about vertical channel you create so you don’t glue it. How it creates a polished, refined look—” A lot of fused glass