Era of Hip Hop Jewelry.

Hip-hop jewelry has gone through a tremendous increase in popularity over the last few years, so much as it is diffecult to realize that the phrase hip hop originated from the blacks music scene rather than from the fashion or jewelry indusrty.

Hip Hop Iced out jewelry is distinctive in its extravagant use of diamonds and Gold, and hip hop jewelry is sometimes referred to as bling bling jewelry or even Iced out jewelry. Its one distinctive feature is the impression of sheer extravagance and success that emanates from the ‘iced up’ appearance of diamond encrusted pieces, and the sparkle and sheer lavishness of it.

The reason that hip hop jewelry or bling jewelry has become so popular in recent years is as a direct result of the many well known celebrities that have adorned themselves with this hip hop jewelry, most of whom come from either the rap music. Some of the most well-known hip-hop and rap musicians or celebrities are 50 Cent and Eminem, both of whom are instantly recognizable if for no other reason than the fact that they are adorned in a tremendous amount of large, chunky jewelry which takes on the appearance of being encrusted with a wealth of diamonds.

Children and young people are always keen to emulate the styles and fashions of their idols, particularly from the world of music. With hip-hop and rap musicians helping to celebrate the bling style of jewelry, many children and young people are keen to emulate this style and fashion. Of course it isn’t that cheap to be able to replicate the style of a pop star, when a pop star can afford contemporary or bling jewelry costing many thousands of dollars.

However, the fashion industry has responded by being able to produce a wide range of hip hop jewelry and bling jewelry at a nominal range of prices that involve smaller and fewer diamonds and other stones. This has resulted in the enormous range of fashionable jewelry items for young people that are extremely affordable. For those who can afford more elitist jewelry, then there are plenty of bling bling jewelry items and accessories available which are every bit as expensive as they seem.

Some of the most popular hip hop jewelry items include rings, necklaces and bracelets. Typically many of these items are referred to as iced out, which effectively means that the jewelry is designed to give the impression of many dozens or even hundreds of very small diamonds paving large sections of the jewelry. At the top end of the hip-hop jewelry market these diamonds become increasingly larger, and as prices drop they become smaller, but more numerous. That is because a single two carat diamond is far more valuable than twenty small diamonds of .1 carat each.

The main appeal of bling Fashion and hip-hop jewelry is the fact that it gives a very clear, distinctive and unmissable message to anyone who happens to see, or even glance at, the individual wearing the items. No one can fail to notice somebody who is wearing such jewelry. Many of the rap and hip-hop celebrities, such as P. Diddy or Sean Combs wear such amount of hip hop jewelry that it would be hard to imagine how they could adorn themselves with any more, and many young people are keen to achieve the same effect, whilst not spending vast amounts of money.

It really does seem today that there is hardly a square inch of the body that cannot be adorned by an item of hip hop jewelry. From earrings and nose studs, to bracelets and rings, from watches to necklaces and even to teeth! Some celebrities have either had their teeth permanently decorated, or wear a highly fashionable tooth cap which can be slid over the tooth covering it in bling.

Ordinary people are able to emulate their idols by purchasing real diamond hip hop jewelry at discount or cheap prices online if they are lucky enough to come across the right hip hop fashion websites. Otherwise the price of a diamond encrusted watch can be prohibitive to young people who do not have the spending power of those they want to be like.

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