Hello to all my new subscribers (and old timers ;)! Thanks for being here, Love you ALL! Here is yet another long video from Yours Truly. I waited to film everything in 1 haul so I hope you guys don’t mind! **I got a lot of messages asking where I got Laura’s (Lollipop26) necklace and ring from our swap….the ones I show are the same ones, so now you know! My Stuffies: Eyes: NARS Heart of Glass, Ashes to Ashes & Bobbi Brown Espresso Ink Cheeks: Michael Todd Babe Lips: Pastel Emotion Earrings: Lisa Taubes Bangles: David Smallcombe Earrings and Bangles via Lorraine Stanick – thecurrentcustom.blogspot.com Watch: Michele Deco Rings: Swarovski Mint Chic Ring & Druzy Quartz (www.jtv.com) TWITTA! www.twitter.com/Michelebell21 VLOG: www.youtube.com/Michele1218Vlogs Dear FTC Man- I paid for everything…..any other questions?