Consumers are cutting back on spending nowadays, but jewelry retailers are looking toward the upcoming summer months, to get consumers back into jewelry stores. Additionally, with the trends of bright colors and bold pieces, consumers can’t help but take notice of and want a piece of fashion item this year.

Fashion magazines are discussing trends in jewelry for the spring in their latest issues, and big pieces are definitely in style. InStyle magazine focused on nature- and tribal-themed pieces and bright colors, while Lucky included a whole spread of classic, yet modern, cocktail rings. In its March issue, Vogue gave brides-to-be some of the magazine’s favorite engagement rings and wedding day jewelry. A lot of this season’s trends are a natural progression from last season. Necks were bare and rings were big, but this season necklaces have made an extremely bold comeback..

For spring and summer 2008, shine is everywhere in terms of fashion accessories. From the purses we carry to the clothes we choose to the shoes we wear, the newest trend is all about shine from head to toe. Jewelry is one accessory that will never go out of style and can last a lifetime with the proper care. So while consumers may be cutting back on a lot of spending, jewelry retailers are hoping that the latest jewelry trends will get consumers into the stores and at least looking at the latest pieces. For upcoming holidays and special occasions, be sure to carry items that are on-trend.


Nature-inspired Jewelry Trend

Nature-inspired Jewelry has become one of the hottest trends in Hollywood today! Tons of celebrities are sporting nature jewelry with both elegant formal wear and casual everyday looks. Snake jewelry is one of the most popular styles of nature-inspired jewelry.


For centuries, people have crafted nature-inspired jewelry in appreciation of the world around them. In the Victorian period, romantic notions about the natural world caused a flourish of nature-inspired jewelry and art. Flower jewelry and images of animals were very popular styles; Victoria herself loved snake jewelry and believed the serpent motif represented fidelity and love. The more people learned about plants, animals, and the oceans, the more they were moved to create nature style jewelry and nature inspired jewelry.


“Enlightenment” Jewelry Trend


Sentimental Jewelry is a strong category not only for self-purchase but also for gift giving. 

Engraved jewelry featuring messages of love, poetry or initials will be the most popular.


Yoga Inspired Jewelry is becoming abundant, reflecting the growing number of people who are adopting this ritual discipline, which is said to bring physical and spiritual alignment. Yoga talismans are also popular among those who just want an overt and motivational reminder.


Green Jewelry and Green Gems are being used in many jewelry collections this season. Jewelers with a green conscience are making a point to incorporate earth friendly methods and materials into their jewelry designs.


Jewelry For A Cause is becoming plenteous. As JFC says, the jewelry industry is that with a heart! Designers today are donating proceeds from sales to endless philanthropic causes and people in need. Designers’ passion comes pouring out artistically through the creation, often reflecting the organization benefiting from the proceeds.


Big, Bold Jewelry Trend

Wearing less jewelry pieces is more when it comes to the top jewelry trends for 2008, but the key ingredient for trend-setting fashionistas is larger, bolder styles that are gem-intensive.

That advice comes from Jesse Chao of Gems by Chao, a leading Houston fine jeweler. Chao specializes in advising her gala-minded clientele-a mix of socialites and philanthropists-and matching fine jewelry to their personal style. In a statement, Chao said women who are already planning to attend galas will be wearing less fine jewelry but adorning themselves with larger, more impressive pieces, for a classic “Grace Kelly” look.  I’ve actually already seen this trend over the past year, less jewelry but each piece that is worn is big and bold – one big bracelet, no necklace but super long earrings.

While I personally don’t feel comfortable in really large jewelry pieces, for that special occasion – red carpet affair for example, it does make sense because of the dramatic statement a few large jewelry pieces can make.


Ethnic inspired jewelry is supposed to be gaining momentum. Due to the increased cost of gold, we’ll see more filigree type designs, which look great but cut down on the gram weight. Now, this sounds interesting!

Bold Pendants Trend
This is no time for a wimpy drop necklace. You need a substantial pendant that really makes a fashion statement, and two of the hottest colors will be yellow and its complementary color, purple.

Refreshing gemstones like Citrine, Yellow Topaz, Amber, and Chrysoberyl and simulated Canary Diamond jewelry, topaz glass beads and the Cubic Zirconia substitutes will keep you on top of seasonal jewelry trends! Like this lovely Citrine:
A great counter point color for yellow is purple, which will also be highlighted this spring. Like this gorgeous pendant.