In this article I want to describe my way of buying jewelry by wholesale prices. One can say that it’s always better to go to jewelry store, take into hands some ring, bracelet or earrings and see whether you like it or one. If you ask me, this works only for those who don’t know what he/she wants. I believe you can understand top quality gemstones or gold quality only by reading descriptions – but not by looking at them by your own eyes. I always want to buy jewelry cheap – below wholesale prices. And the best place to do so is jewelry auction like
Interactive online jewelry auctions are really the best place to by jewelry below wholesale prices. You place you bids, compete against other people – it’s very exciting! And you know that you always buy jewelry below retail price. At jewelry auction, you are making bids, and you always have an idea when to stop. I can try bidding on necklace made of solid 14K yellow gold or blue topaz earrings. If I like some ring or watch, I’m placing auto-bid, and it makes bids on my behalf! And I control the process – I simply define maximum to guarantee that I will buy jewelry below wholesale.
Jewelry auctions are different. At greatest auctions like new products appear each 5 minutes. My favorite auction is It offers exquisite jewelry, rings, earrings, brand name wholesale jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, pendants & charms, watches, crystal impression cheap jewelry, glass art, sunglasses and unique jewelry gifts. I am always satisfied with my purchases. sends discount coupons to important customers – those who want to buy jewelry below wholesale price. They provide quality cheap jewelry, and their service is great. This is really number one jewelry auction.
But bid smart to be smart! If you want to buy jewelry at cheap price, think twice before you place your jewelry bid. Don’t bid on the products you are bot going to buy. Imagine yourself in another one’s shoos: they want to present yellow gold ring or silver necklaces, and bids for the product – and suddenly you win this auction. Then you change your mind not to buy the product. That’s not fair to other people. What would you if you do want to buy jewelry, but another man wins the aoction – just because they wanted to click Bid Now button. That’s not good to me.
 I was always interested why jewelry auctions sell jewelry below wholesale prices. And here are two answers to this question. First, they sell too many products. This gives them fast money turnaround. Because they sell many jewelry to so many people, it is the same like one wholesale buyer bought say fifty rings and twenty necklaces at one time. Second answer is, they have many customers who want to buy jewelry cheap. These customers bid on jewelry. Even if some gold wedding ring is sold below wholesale price, they lose not so much. But because jewelry auctions sell hundreds products each day, they can give such prices for the customers – they can sell quality jewelry below wholesale price, and even this generates some interest for jewelry auctions.
If you really want to buy jewelry at good price, you should know what you want. Examine the market. Visit jewelry stores, and check jewelry prices. Then you need to browse online jewelry auction (again, I do recommend and find all products of that kind. For instance, if you want to buy gold ring – search on the website for gold ring. Check each product you see. Check current price and bid history. Select you ring, and place a bid. Other people who also use jewelry auctions will also be trying to win your ring, but because you know top price you can afford for it, you definitely will buy it cheap. Even if lost – no worries, at new products appear each 5 minutes. Wait for another chance, and in one hour you will make ultimately good purchase. This is why I like go4bids jewelry auction very much.
A jewelry auction if #1 place to buy jewelry cheap. To me, this is the only way to buy jewelry below wholesale price. Note, I’m not saying ‘below retail’. Yes, you can buy below wholesale, which means much cheaper than retail! Type in your address bar, and you will understand why I’m there. It gives you the ability to play, to play against other people. Very exciting, relief of endorphins! And after the game you win, and you know that you made a perfect purchase, you bought nice jewelry below wholesale price.
One might still hesitate whether to bid on jewelry auction or not. Well, it’s up to you. Not sure – do not play. But if you played once, and won – no doubt, you would become jewelry auction fan like me. All that stuff, necklaces, rings, watches, crystal glass impressions, etc. – that’s for me. More purchases you make, more valued for the auction you are (obviously!), and more discounts you have! Jewelry auction agents like reliable customers that play fairly. They understand that people want to buy jewelry at below wholesale price; but that’s why they go to jewelry auctions – instead of jewelry stores!
When buying jewelry cheap, I’m always trying to find some balance between price and quality. When I’m buying a present, quality of ring or necklaces is important. I fully trust jewelry auction. They sell fantastic things of highest quality – no doubt! However, it’s not that easy to buy quality jewelry cheap. But I bid, like other people do. I bid and I win – that is the secret. If you want to buy jewelry cheap or below wholesale price, you must go to jewelry auction – best jewelry auction ever.