If you have recently decided to pierce your nose then you might have to soon stock a collection of different rings. When you have a collection of your own in Nose Ring, it will be pleasing to know that a wide selection of rings is available which you were not aware of. Nose piercing has been around for the longest period of time in history. The people earlier used to wear nose ring at the nostril curve on one side and even on the septum. The choices are same even today as people choose piercing mostly in these two forms.

Today, you can actually choose the place on your nose where you need to pierce and the type of ring to be. There is a cork put in the nose just to hold the needle after which the needle is inserted through the nose. You can choose a sterling silver nose ring jewelry which has less chance to have stainless surgical steel being put as the ring. You should ensure that proper cleaning routing is followed if you wish to continue with wearing a nose ring.

Apart from this there are also people piercing the lips which is again more common among the youngsters. This lip piercing is also called as labret and you can find a huge collection of Labret Jewelry if you are in for this type of body piercing. You can find a huge collection in Lip Rings with different sizes, patterns and styles in labret piercing.