The Gen-X yearns to look stylish. The youngsters can go to any extremes to be fashionable.

One such filed of creating style statements is Body jewelry. If you want to experiment with your looks for the upcoming party then this is the area you can explore. Give yourself a bad boy or bad gal look by trying out the latest trend in Body Piercing that is the Labret Piercing. Labret Piercing is done on the lower part of the lip. If you really want to be the hot chic or a cool hunk for the next party then this is the stylish thing to try out!

But let me warn you that it is not a cake walk to go for a Labret piercing. You ought to have guts to take the pain! Moreover, it’s like a permanent asset for your face. You cannot get rid of it once you are bored of it. So think wisely before going for such a thing.

If at all you are convinced and you really want to try out this new style for yourself then don’t forget to show it off to your peers. After all you have the guts to take the pain; hence you have a right to show it off to the world!

You can find various stores offering Piercing Jewelry these days. One can also find exclusive designer collections especially made for Labret Jewelry. The most fashionable trend is that of a Labret Lip ring. You can find various other options, just browse through the net and find the one best suited for your personality!