If you have got a piercing and are wearing a Body Jewelry you would know that you have to take special care of your piercing and this is a long and tedious task. You would definitely not want to develop any infection or pain in the pierced area, so we have listed for you some of the helpful tips.

1)    First of all you should keep the pierced area ultra clean. This would ensure that the pierced area is free of infection. You can keep the area clean by using some antibacterial soap.  

2)    Feel comfortable with the body jewelry, keep on rotating the body jewelry so that it freely moves and is pain free.

3)    Consult your doctor and seek for some measures which would help your piercing while sleeping. If you are wearing a eyebrow ring or a Eyebrow Jewelry you need to take maximum care while sleeping.

4)    Do not wear any makeup on the pierced area to avid catching up some infection.  

5)    If the piercing area has healed up and you are able to take your body jewelry you should try to take it off and disinfect it once in a while.

Apart from these you should always be mentally prepared that a body piercing would cause pain and sometimes might even swell up and get infected, but if you take some basic precautions you would cut short the chances of getting infected. However if incase you feel continued pain or some uneasiness in the pierced area please feel free to contact your doctor and seek advise.