Bouquet Jewelry is a hot new bridal accessory that is used to accentuate and personalize bridal bouquets. They are also becoming the queen of flowers, boutonnieres, centers, and even personalize the wedding cake. The jewelry is usually inserted in the branch of one of six inches, but can also be attributed to stems and hand-tied ribbons. One popular choice is Swarovski crystal monograms using the bride and groom’s initials. They can choose to use the initial of each of their names as well as the initial name of the groom. Six mm fake diamonds can also be inserted in the center of each flower for a bouquet a dazzling new look.

Besides monograms, most online companies have the same selection of jewels: pearl clusters, bows, snowflake, bee, frog, dragonfly, star, Flip flop sandal, palm tree, butterfly and crucifix. The bee only comes in clear glass and only the legs and palms in Peridot crystal. The Flip Flop sandal comes in blue or pink. Pearls come in pink, yellow, white, blue, green, lavender, peach, champagne and platinum. The arches come in a wide range of colors with plates of gold or silver.

Prices range from $ 12.00 (snowflake) to $ 20.00 (dragonfly) each. Some are sold individually, while others have a discount if purchased in groups of ten. Bee glass sells for $ 18.00 and $ 153.00 for each ten. This would be a savings of $ 27.00. The star sold for $ 13.00 and $ 110.00 for each ten. That would be a discount of $ 20.00.

The bouquet jewelry should be chosen to reflect the personal taste of the bride or reflect the theme of the wedding. Starfish, Flip flop sandals and palm trees would be perfect for a beach theme wedding. The crucifix crystal reflecting the more solemn and spiritual wedding and could also be used around the holidays.

Use the Jewelry After the Wedding, adding facilities and holiday floral arrangements. Choose colors carefully, and make sure you understand that non-returnable and nonrefundable policies before placing your order.