At one time or another, we all have to admit to ourselves that bikers – with their gritty leather jackets, imposing motorbikes and Gothic Biker Jewelry – represent everything our repressed hearts secretly desire. The appeal of running loose, going anywhere you wish is universal, transcending age, race and gender.

What makes good law-abiding, peace-loving boys and girls suddenly get the burning desire to jump on their Harley Davidsons and hit the road? The cyclists are all about the image of S & M, leather and nails. Images of tough guys or Harley girls come with the territory. Perhaps it is because a cyclist is the last release, the act of running wild and running free, able to showcase their own style and live in their own time. Who does not want to imagine themselves as kings and queens of the road, visions of complete independence that would otherwise terrify many of us?

Images adopted by most bikers reflects their attitude. When traveling together, a cyclist or biker rally week, to identify themselves and their group membership by the things they wear. Some of the larger groups fashion their insignia and wear logos on their clothes, or pins and other forms of jewelry to put his person and belongings.

In general, cyclists are known to each other by the “look” they project. Cycling & jewelry is a vital part of this “gaze.” Reject convention change for anyone, never compromise – these slogans are important to keep in mind when trying to achieve the perfect biker image.

Most of the time making jewelry gothic themes, like skulls, cross, snakes, roses with thorns … bloodied and many of us can not but admit they could be quite sexy. The Gothic look, combining themes of sex and death, comes with its own appeal. A school in the Gothic style even advocates the liberal use of jewelry such as rings and piercings, to promote the image of death metal. Most often, this jewelry is delicate and complemented with black clothing, like black leather, which is quite basic cycling wear.

But biker jewelry is distinguished from a strictly “Gothic” to be made of thicker materials. This gives a clear masculine. Often, a combination of leather and steel, the two essential elements of the “born to be wild” image, dating as far back as James Dean and the other motorcycle, riding heartthrobs of Hollywood. The current theme is “bigger is better” that comes with the biker creed, not caring what people think, if you know you look good.

Biker Jewelry comes in different flavors. Gold is very popular in some circles. White gold goes well with almost anything, especially dark colors. Wings and stars are other popular reasons, and other things that speak of a true American way of life.