I have once annoyed with my old fashion jewelry. They are too old and some of them are out of fashion. It may seem ridiculous to wear these old jewelry. I can’t wear them any more. Throw them? No, no. They have spent many beautiful times with me. These old cheap jewelry recorded my happy memories. What can I do with them?

I thought of many ways to reuse these old jewelry. I want to share my views with you.

Disconnect these old jewelry and make them a piece or even some pieces of new jewelry. If you don’t know what kind of jewelry you want to make, you can read some fashion magazines or watch TV shows, or you can find the newest trend of jewelry online.

If you don’t want to wear these old jewelry any more, you can use them in other ways. If you have a pet, you can dress up your pet with the ole jewelry. Pet won’t mind the jewelry is in fashion or not. On the other hand, pet looks more beautiful with jewelry.

If you don’t have a pet, you can use your old jewelry to decorate your house. You can use them in the curtains. For some girls good at handcraft, old jewelry can be made with windbells or your phone ornaments.

Make full use of old jewelry and you will feel more happy. You can save some money and enjoy the happiness of creation.  Do you have other ways to deal with old jewelry? Please share your views with me!