As an active jewelry designer who attends meetings and workshops all the time, I hear a lot of jewelry business owners complaining that their online stores are not a success at all. I used my web design experience and a lot of research in the domain to gather a few hands-on tips for you to use and turn your online jewelry store into a business success.

Photos that sell the product – The most important thing you have to remember when you have an online jewelry store is that your customer will not be able to feel your jewelry or try it on to see what it looks like. Therefore, clear photos that show as much detail as possible are very important because, afterall, the photo sells the product. Multiple photos for each item are very helpful to show your potential customer all the details. If you have a necklace, try to have at least one photo on a stand, so they can see what it will look like around their neck. If your necklace has a pendant, take an up-close photo of that alone, so you can show all the details of the stones used. When taking photos of jewelry it is crucial that you do that in daytime, without flash. This approach will show the true colors of the stones used without unnecessary reflections.

Search-friendly sites – If you have the possibility to add a search function on your site, please do so. People don’t always know the names of the stones they are looking for and a search functionality will give them the possibility to look for pieces that have a certain color for instance. The idea here is to create the easiest way for your clients to find what they want. When somebody looks for a pearl bracelet, it will be much easier to type that in the search box and hit “Go”, than look through your entire bracelets category to find what they want. Having a search function on your website will be very helpful to your customers but it will certainly add a little more work for you. When you add a product to your store you will have to always remember to tag it with terms that other people might be searching for.

Detailed information – Product descriptions are very important as well when it comes to online jewelry stores. After your client sees the photos, they will want to know what was used to make that piece of jewelry. Try to give as many details as possible about the materials and techniques used as well as sizes. The overall size of the necklace is important, but also include the size of the pendant if you have one, as photos don’t always show the true ratio of the pendant. If you are a custom jewelry designer, I found that people are always interested to find out what your inspiration was. Share that with your visitors and raise their interest in your products.

One size doesn’t always fit all – Since you are selling items that people wear, remember that “One size fits all” doesn’t always apply. Create your jewelry at standard sizes, but always offer people the opportunity to order a smaller or larger item. This way you will increase your clientele.

The price is right – Last but not least, price your jewelry pieces right. As there is a significantly large number of online jewelry stores, you have to be competitive, but at the same time respectful of your work and the materials you use. The art of pricing is probably one of the most difficult, and there is no exact formula or how-to. Using your best judgement and a lot of research in the market area that you are trying to reach, you can find the formula for your prices.