Seed bead jewelry making, also referred to as bead weaving or beadweaving, is the practice of stitching tiny glass beads together (called seed beads) using needle and thread. Even for the avid bead lover, this type of jewelry making can be a little intimating at first, but to get started, it only takes a small amount of supplies. The basics, at least, are not that difficult to master with a little practice and patience.

Like most jewelry techniques, there is seemingly no end to the tools and supplies you could use for seed bead jewelry; however, if you just want to get a little taste of it and see what it is like before investing a lot of time and money, this tutorial can get you started. Even if you aren’t interested in making extremely complicated designs, being able to make some simple pieces to combine with other techniques, such as the Beaded Bead Bracelet pictured, can be reason enough to give this a try.

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