Heart themed jewelry is one of the most popular and enduring trends in jewelry. So, how can you keep up with trends like heart jewelry, but still create your own unique look? Here are just a few ideas to get your brainwaves flowing with creative heart-themed jewelry ideas:

Consider using colored wire. Most of us are so used to using the old stand-by of sterling or gold-filled that we forget how many wonderful colors of wire are available on the market today.

Keep on the look out for heart beads – stone, lampwork, enamel, metal clay, polymer clay, wood, the list is endless. Can’t find the heart bead you want? Try making one or working with a bead maker to help create a signature bead of your own.

Think outside of the bead box and keep you eyes open for unique components such as heart shaped buttons.

Check out the latest charms available and look for romance related charms to use in your jewelry. Use them as is or add a design element to them by creating a patina, using Silver Black for example.

Try heart shaped cabs in your work. Either wrap them with wire or bead around them.

Add a touch of romance by incorporating ribbon into a piece of jewelry. Quilt stores have often been a great source for me when I’m looking for unique items to add to my jewelry designs.

Fabricate your own heart pieces with a few hand tools using the same technique described in my Fabricated Star project.

These are just a few ideas to help you think of creative ways to make your heart-themed jewelry special. If you’d like more inspiration, you can find plenty on my site, and by using the search box on the homepage, you can quickly find heart related jewelry projects and ideas to get you started. Or, go directly to my Holiday Jewelry Projects area.

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