I spent some nice time today designing a new jewelry project and listening to some crafting and jewelry related podcasts. I can’t reveal the finished jewelry piece yet, since I need to write up the tutorial, but I’ve given you a picture of part of it, a little hint of what to expect.

If you also have found some jewelry making time lately, here are some interesting podcasts to listen to while you work:

Bead Java has a very cool interview with the amazingly talented Thomas Mann.

CraftCast talks to Christine Dhein, Assistant Director of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. One interesting point they discuss is the use of sustainable materials and how mining metals, especially gold, affect the planet.

At CraftyPod, Sister Diane discusses how to use social media to utilize engagement marketing strategies for your business.

Metalsmith Bench Talk interviews Pat Pruitt, a jewelry designer who specializes in stainless steel.

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