When my bead buddies and I were working on our beaded Christmas tree, we had to make a ton of ornaments. At first, I made a lot of Brick Tree Ornaments and Beaded Ornament Covers. However, as time ran out, I realized I need to create an ornament that was super quick. That’s when I developed by Flower Petal Ornament Cover which is a conglomeration of number of ornaments I’ve made. Just as with the Beaded Ornament Cover, this is designed to go on top of a glass bulb. It fits both the large and smaller bulbs.

To make one, you’ll need:

Seed beads (just a few grams of Czech or Japanese or any color you like)
*6 bugle beads 2 1/2 inches in length
Beading thread and needle
Thin piece of wire

*I happened to have a bunch of these super long bugle beads that someone gave me. They actually were part of my inspiration because I’d been wanting to use them. However, if you don’t have bugle beads this long, then just use more than one to get the length you want.

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