Jewelery often symbolizes something special representing something from the past or the present. It can also be used just as a fashion tool as in an accessory to an outfit or look. Some people have lots of it, while others just have one or two of each item. Jewelery is a personal item that is picked out using careful consideration and individual taste.

In many cultures around the world, jewelery can symbolize something. In some countries many beads are worn around the neck, in others its bangles hung over the wrists. In some places a diamond crown is worn to signify a sense of leadership and power. Belly necklaces and chains sometimes go with a special dance and ritual. Rings can be used as a sign of marriage or marriage forth coming. Jewelery is often given to children as they go through special steps in their lives or steps taken through their church.

Jewelery is made using many different kinds of tools and machines. It can be hand-made or machine cut. And jewelery can also be custom designed or designed by a jewelery maker. Diamonds are a common and beautiful aspect to jewelery. They often sit on a ring to symbolize marriage and can be grouped together with other diamonds or sit all on its own. And diamonds can be cut small or big and hence can cost anywhere from not very expensive to very pricey.

An expert can tell when a diamond is of good quality, they can do this by looking at it through a special glass, it checks for clarity. The better the clarity, the better the cut of diamond and the more it will sparkle and cost the person buying it. Gold and silver are also popular around jewelery. Often times one or both of them are included in an item of jewelery. Gems can also be placed in jewelery. There are many cuts and shapes, designs and colors that gems can come in, making them perfect for adding to a piece of jewelery. Gems are just as beautiful but not as popular as diamonds when it comes to what most people wear. Gems can be put into jewelery to signify a person’s birth date or the birthdays of all their family members.

The kind of jewelery worn differs for every person. Some people wear a watch every day and sometimes they have several of them. This type of jewelery is considered essential because they need to know the time. Other people wear necklaces and bracelets just for fun. Either the piece represents something special or they just like the way it looks. Some people dress their toes up in toe rings in silver or gold bands. Some toe rings are plain while others carry diamonds or small gems. The belly button and earrings are places that piercings can be put. It is common to see a gold loop or a diamond stud in these places.

Broaches are also a type of jewelery that is not very common to see these days. Back in the sixties it was very popular to wear a broach on your sweater or shirt. It usually consisted of lots of gems and/or diamonds. These days broaches are simply kept in boxes and handed down to different generations as keep sake.

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