i want. i need. i covet. the solar panel LED pearl necklace.

whoa. ok. i am not much of a super sale on pearls (they are hot on few and wistfully make me reminiscent of refined morals) BUT.

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Top 5 Jeweler’s Secrets For Care of Jewelry

You’ve invested in some beautiful pieces of jewelry– some of which you wear nearly daily and some only on special occassions. Now how does one care for them the way in which the pros do? You are not looking for the answers they give you so they can sell you something. You want to know how they actually do it themselves. These are a few of their secrets brought to you by one of their own.

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Custom Sterling Silver Aquamarine Pendant

Sterling Silver Aquamarine Pendant

Just picked up my package from FedEx……WOW!!!

Now you have to understand that I’ve been told by ALOT of people that I should have been a writer and yes I DO love to write and generally can express myself pretty well no matter the topic on hand…but again – WOW!!! I simply cannot find the words to express how absolutely incredible this pendant is. Honestly, it almost brought a tear to my eye when I saw it.

In any case, thank you SO MUCH for an incredible job and please pass along my thanks to anyone and everyone involved in the process.

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Social Whirl in snapshots

In spite of a prevailing feeling that all is not quite right with the world, Chicagoans turned out in force this fall to assist the many non-profits in our city.

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