If you sell your jewelry at art shows or just like to go hang out with friends and bead on occasion, then you know what a hassle it can be to lug all your tools and jewelry supplies along with you. You can really drive yourself nuts trying to take every little thing, but often you just need a few hand tools and some beads.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has a handy product available that is great for beading on the go, or even wire jewelry making on the go, called “Need a Bead Now” travel cases. Available in two sizes, you can use the smaller 5-box tote (approximately 8” x 7” x 4-1/2”) for trips that you may want to do a little beading but may not have a ton of uninterrupted time. It has five boxes, three divided for beads, needles, etc, and two are not divided, and can fit rolls of beading wire, pliers, scissors, and rolls of silver and gold-filled wire.

The larger tote, the “deluxe” travel case, has 10 boxes (approximately 8” x 15” x 4-1/2″). You can also purchase additional boxes for both totes (solder 2 per pack for $2.30) if you want to alter the configuration. For example, you may want more divided boxes if you want to use yours for bead weaving, while someone who will use it for wire work may prefer to have more undivided, or 1-celled, boxes.

Both the 5-box and 10-box totes are designed so that the boxes fit inside the carrying case and are secured with a snap closure. The top of the cases have handles, so you can carry them like a small piece of luggage. Both sizes are available from Fire Mountain Gems and Bead and are available through their website and catalog. The 5-box retails for $7.53 each and the 10-box for $13.09 each, though price cuts are available for quantity purchase (great idea if you are part of a bead society or jewelry making class).

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