You know how it is before that big Thanksgiving meal. You are starving for pumpkin pie. Then after the meal, you couldn’t eat another bite of anything. This interchangeable pin says it all, literally. It includes two pin fronts, one that says Pumpkin Pie and the other that says Officially Stuffed.

You’ll need:

1 “Pumpkin Pie” chipboard sticker
1 “Officially Stuffed” chipboard sticker
1 – 1 inch bar pin
*PYMII acrylic spray coating
Choice of scrapbook paper
2 round Velcro pieces with adhesive (3/4 inch or 19mm)
1 square Velcro piece with adhesive (7/8 inch or 22mm)
Small scissors
Old larger scissors
Paper binder clip (if needed)

*You can find PYMII (Preserve Your Memories) available at Precision Blue.

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