When ordering wire from jewelry supply companies, youÂ’ll notice they normally offer dead soft, half hard, and full hard. As the names indicate, the wires have different degrees of hardness.

The dead soft wire is the easiest to manipulate and is often used for sculpted pieces and light-weight wire wrapped jewelry such as a bead and wire chain bracelet. Fewer tools are needed since these softer wires can be bent with your hands fairly easily. Soft wire works well for many wire projects such as bending into shapes or using with beads. However, it is not recommended for use with projects that hold large stones or projects that will have a lot of wear such as bangles.

For larger and heavier jewelry pieces, use half hard or full hard wire. Normally, you will need more tools in order to manipulate hard wire because your hands will not be strong enough. Half hard wire is often used for wire wrapped jewelry that is primarily made of wire, like a wire wrapped bangle bracelet.

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