You’ve probably seen these glass leaf beads in just about every bead catalog and bead shop in the world. They are pretty common and are often used for fringe by bead weavers. But, they also make great charms. You just need some head pins and a place to dangle them from. Here I used them in an earring design, but you could also use these to dangle from links in a chain to make a matching necklace or bracelet.

Because of their golden color, they remind of me fall and the time of year when all the leaves change color.

You’ll need:

6 – 10mm x 12mm leaf beads
*6 – 1 inch copper head pins
*2 – 11mm copper jump rings
4 inches of 21 or 22-gauge gold-filled wire
Round-nosed pliers
2 pairs of flat-nosed pliers
Wire cutters
Jeweler’s file

*The copper findings came from

For those who can’t wait, you can view the finished project by simply selecting the last step linked below.

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