The heat is on, or at least it is where I live down in the south! I’m not sure if it’s the heat or the general slow down you get during this time of year, but I’m in the mood to make summer time jewelry. I thought I’d give you a little look ahead on some projects I’ve got in the works for this site.

I have been drooling over the Swarovski Elements available these days, and picked up for a few crystal starfish from Rings & Things. Without giving too much away, the design I’m planning to create will include these starfish components along with more crystals and some sterling silver pieces as well.

I really like the Mixed Metal Filigree and Pearl Earrings I posted recently, and while these may not have a summer theme per say, mixing metals is very popular right now along with a vintage look. I have a number of similar jewelry components from, so you may see some other projects using these. Filigree is light and easy to wear when you are running around having fun this summer.

Another project that just passed my initial prototype testing includes making metal clay beads using some very cool bead cores from I was curious if the small ones would work okay in the hot pot, and so far so good!

I have more brass charms similar to those used in my recent project, Sea-Side Charm and Crystal Dangle Bracelet. Charms are a great way to create any kind of theme with your jewelry designs, so you may see more using these.

Finally, as I already mentioned in a previous blog post, I’ve been playing around with copper clay. My pieces are dry and ready for the kiln. I’m hoping to pick up a timer today that I can clip on myself. I lost the one I used previously for working with the kiln. I tend to forget things sometimes, so clipping a timer to myself is a good way to keep safe when you are firing.

Have you got the summer time jewelry making bug? What are you making now?

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