I love to hear the sound of these silver bangles jingle on my wrist. And, they are very easy to make. If you want to adorn yourself or some one you love with these pretty bangles, then try out this quickie project. It requires soldering, but it only needs one joint connected.

YouÂ’ll need:

8 inches half-round 16-gauge wire
Jeweler’s file
Soldering set-up
Hard solder
Round bracelet mandrel
Raw hide hammer

1. File the ends of the wire smooth and so they fit tightly together. This is just like making a big jump ring.

2. Wrap around the bracelet mandrel to help shape it into a nice round circle. Use the raw hide hammer if you need to.

3. Take the wire off the mandrel and fit the two ends together so they are up tightly against each other.

4. Pickle the wire making sure to keep it in a circle still.

5. Set the circle of wire on a fire brick or use a third hand (these should be part of your solder set-up), flux the joint, and place a small piece of hard solder on the inside of the wire so it covers the joint.

6. Heat with your torch until the solder runs.

7. Use tongs to set the bracelet in a jar of water to quench it.

8. When it is cooled, stick it back in your pickle for a few minutes, and then polish it.

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